Monday, October 1, 2007


the battle lasted for years. for years they had fought and when the last post was captured, he was the only man alive. had lost so many he had loved in the battle.
he had only dreamt of this. right from childhood this scene was what gave him courage to shy away from evrything his friends indulged into. and now he was seeing it happening right in front of his eyes.

the entire world was celebrating his achievement. he was given a hero's welcome.

he had a girl who he loved and left her with a promise to be back alive and as always, he had kept his promise, but just the girl wasn't perfect. she was a bit too human. she could not bear the loneliness.. leaving him lonely for the entire life.
he had a mother who always loved him and still loved him. she was also deprived of the son for years facing the cold and heat alone..
he had so many friends who had missed him in their celebrations.. who were so proud of him and always boasted of him being their friend, but they just couldn't strike warmth after such a long gap.

his dream! his dream was still realised. the country had won the battle.

he had grown gray and old and was too tired for another battle and he was misfit for other worldly things.

there was another battle to be fought now and more intense than any other... to be alive..
and he lived on with a smile on his face, because the national hero wasn't supposed to cry!
he was a fighter in the real sense..
we all love such people, don't we??