Thursday, August 5, 2010

27 years..

Time flies by..
U blink and an entire phase of you life has just unfolded right in front of you..
and what it leaves is a few pleasant memories, and some unfulfilled dreams..
and some interesting people you meet along the way..
songs, movies and the moments.. the rains and the drizzles. and much more..

A life isn't just your own. it isn't to be decided... It never is decided..
I am not here to encapsulate the years gone by. No one ever could perhaps do so..
I am not here with a particular motive.. I am here to write and wish the words flow like the way they did while I was a lot younger.. I wish I had more wetness. more to say..
But I am not here to pity myself either.

Have I been happy the way things have gone by?
Who am I to decide? I have stayed true to my instincts. I haven't tried beyond reason to achieve anythin, nor did I give up somethin for no reason at all..

I want to join the dots for the years gone by.. I want to see the beautiful pattern a life lived with a heart and wonderful people around makes..
I have no idea what made me the person I am. and I am not gettin into the material gains.
I have no idea if I am doing the right thing. or I have a pure heart.
I just know that I want to do the right thing, to have a pure heart. to love and be loved. and perhaps a desire might make me achieve that.

I don't believe in karma. I dont know what it means. I am not doing what I am for any Karma or perhaps because of it... I am just a believer in people. I dont have anyone in mind. but everyone...

So, as 27th year goes by.. lemme take an opportunity to congratulate myself for having lived a life as vivid as I have and earned the faith and love of such wonderful people that i have..
and also to have hung on in testing times. and given up sometimes..
and being hungry for new experiences. and sometimes just too satiated.
and much more.
lets not get into writing those imaginary lines. lets just end it right here.
Happy Birthday Sanil! :-)