Tuesday, November 29, 2011

That Moment...

and she was one in a million. Unperturbed. Uncorrupted. and so pure.
Calm n Composed. With those deep eyes.with a look that told that she knew it all.
Yeah, She was aware. She knew what he wanted. She knew what he thought.
She was focused. she was there. right there. with him. for ever.
She had no hidden motive. She had no games to play.
She smiled. and her eyes sparkled. Oh, she knew it all!

and he was left breathless. It was a moment. Just a moment.
and the moment just stayed with him. forever.
and he was a different person. since then.
He was in love. Oh yeah, He was in Love...

.. to be continued..


Abhijit Bhave said...

Part 2 . . Kab nikal raha hai?

Sanil... said...

Part-2? The guy is in love. End of Story! thats it. :) Oh, and well, there could be a Part-2.. U never know! :-)

Abhijit Bhave said...

You said. . To be continued. Isi liye pooch raha thaa. .

By the way ..! What did you mean by 'part 2 bhi ho sakta hai.
! ' .. remember. . People are reading your blog
. .!

Sanil... said...

Haha. ya. I forgot abt "to be continued.." actually u can consider "to be continued..." also to be a part of the post.. doesn't it rhyme? :-)
Part-2 zaroor hoga.. since people are reading the blog; no matter how few!! :-)

Neha said...

Ya waiting for Part 2 ....since people are reading the blog; no matter how few!! :-)