Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Life, Happiness, Death, etc.

Disclaimer - Random, incoherent thoughts.. scribbled down.. might not make any sense. or they might. u never know. :-) 

 So, I saw something very closely that I was most scared of - Death. And it happened right in front of my eyes. I saw my Naani's heartbeats going down steadily and doctors doing the CPR to somehow resurrect them.. sadly, all in vain..it was a painful moment. for the entire family.
I know it is insensitive to write about such personal incidents, and I am not going to write about it. But I mentioned it since such incidents always make you introspective.
And It did make me question a few things.. 

I had planned my itinerary to every minutest detail, made very strong hopes about new developments.. and practically it all went down for a toss. everything nose-dived. But then, it all happened so fast that it is just now that I could sink it all in..

There is this incident that I still remember from my flight back to Calgary.. I mean I was tired and sad to be leaving with all plans and hopes going haywire.. and then I meet this chap from Calgary.. Edward.. 
This chap had been to India for Skiing in Gulmarg.. and quite to my embarrassment, he was assuring me of safety in that area. Pity! So, there was this Canadian fella 55 yrs old and I was like this chap traveled all the way to India to ski for a couple of weeks and then going back. Isnt that exactly what I want when I am 55? To travel to another country and be fit enough to ski!!

The person on the other side is this Indian chap-Debasish, overly sentimental, who somehow made his way from Calcutta to Canada to be a Cook in some small Restraunt in Edmonton.. listening to "O Sathi re" in full volume on his cell-fone.. and arguing with the air-hostesses for an extra glass of Vodka.. I was quite frankly- and more so since coming from Delhi- was more interesting in talking with this chap from Gulmarg.. 

and then Debasish brings out a small note from his 2 daughters.. about how they miss their father..the personal incidents.. (and that letter was one of the most beautiful things I read ever)
and that letter made me change sides. I chose Deb.. and then he talks about how he misses his family.. and so on.. (U know the typical Indian senti talk! :) )  
(Oh well that chap from Canada did argue a bit about how can one love the same person for more than 10-15 yrs. and I am not stereotyping here or making it up but then, he saw that letter and gave up his arguments.. )

and I thought to myself again, "isn't this what I want to be when I am 55!"  To have a wife who wont eat properly until she knows I reached safely.. Children who hide letters in my wallet and then tell me about it when I am just about to board the flight!! 

and well. to add a little more sugar to this overly-sweet. hyper-romantic post, let me end this with something my Canadian colleague's 7 yr old son told her and she posted it on FB -
"Happiness is not something fun that you do, or places you go... it's an inside feeling."