Friday, July 13, 2012

Rains, Tea and some old forgotten songs..

Its 1O' clock in the night. the fact that tomorrow is Friday is enough to keep me happy tonite. Getting hotter everyday here. I mean it is not "Hot-Hot" as it is in India, but you still wait for the rains. just like one does in India. to bring down the heat.. the same cycle. u want rains and then sometimes u hate it.. the sudden burst on the way to office, stuck in that traffic.. irritated..

But more often than not, i love the rains. they bring in the scent of romance with them. just like the long drives and disheveled hair. just like the scented candles and tipsy eyes.
And so does this song somehow that is playing in an infinite loop. Calgary, by Bon iver.
Sometimes u tend to revel in the idea of romance. Anyways. 

14 months in Canada, perhaps 5-6 more months to go. Some more months of cooking and cleaning. and exploring new songs and often getting back to the old forgotten ones.. lets get back to Dido, Sands in my shoes. But strangely, I don't have any sands in my shoes. I am as empty as one could be..well. lets change the song. 
Thank You by Dido! :)

The weather channel has broken the suspense. It tells me it would rain the entire week. I might need to stock some more Tea for such moments and get hold of some movies. 
and perhaps write another blog. 
just write. like i just did! :-)


Abhijit Bhave said...

No mention of Kishore Kumar songs?
Ek ladki bheegi . . . . . .


Sanil... said...

haha.. No Kishore Kumar these days.. might need to get back to him now! :)