Thursday, February 18, 2010

life and travel and some beautiful people..

A blog entry is a big task sometimes. You live some days in slumber and then when you write you try to find something substantial to hit you. But nothin does. All that comes are those insipid, dry details.
And the problem with me is that I know I am getting boring.
But I couldnt not write a post this time. Been to a trip to the north. 8 places in a span of 8 days and thousands of new people. and many older ones too. From Hyd to Delhi to Ambala to Yamunanagar to Haridwar to Rishikesh, Saharanpur to Surajkund. This was the itinerary.

I love travel. I love people I meet while I travel. I like the strangers I notice. I like the unknown raods I traverse. I love the different taste of water... the different scent in the air.
I love the way people behave differently in different places.. and the variations in the way they speak..

I still remember from this trip the walk along with banks of Ganga(Prefer Ganga to Ganges)
The freshness in the air and the sting of cold when I took those early morning dips to cleanse my sins.. :)
Mahakumbh is a speactacle. It is an experience you gotta see in your lifetime. Lakhs of devotees chanting the same arti, thousands of diyas in the river..
People lost in the prayers. People acutually lost.. (Remember old Hindi Lost & Found Movies- Yes the same kumbh ke mele ke bichde bhai!) Announcements all the time - "Bacchu pandey apne bhai Dukhi Prasad se stall ke pass milein". :)

Travelling in Buses is fun too. more so in winter mornings. When the buses creak and make all those sounds and when the windows are partially broken and let the cold air in and you try to plug the gap with some paper and cover ur head somehow to get some sleep.. But feels romantic only in retrospect :)

Meeting old friends and relatives. Wonderful! People grow but the way I associate with them remains the same. Revisited the places where I used to hang out in my childhood. The same old shops. With a different guy at the counter but the pastries taste the same. The roads have lesser potholes, but there is still the same temple at the end of it. Some relatives get so old that they cant hug you the same way they did.. Some kids have taken their place. They talk to you so cute and sleep on your shoulders and you can never forget that warmth...

I take my earlier words back. Life is wonderful!
I am in love again! With life.. aahh..