Saturday, May 17, 2008

7 days in america

well.. I'd be exaggerating if I say it is a feeling "out of the world". I had better a feeling sometimes, far better, listening to songs while munching somosas in the rain while in hostel.. dreaming endlessly about someone.. drinking and laughing for hours with people I have been with..

But this is good too. You walk on the streets with complete anonymity. as some migratory bird. as some restless wanderer in search of himself. as someone just walking pointlessly, sometimes. You can play so many people at the same time. coz you are out of the set of co-ordinates you have been living into. so you dont know how to behave here. so you dont behave. you just be. :) You walk with a beautiful smile on your face since you know that you have always imagined this world too. you have been here and so many other places...

this is good since it brings to fore so many dormant dreams and desires and peps you up for the coming life. I believe there is a connection between the extent you can dream about and the amount of travel you do..

staying alone in a cute little town in the southwest america, I get similar feelings and so many others. like a boy who's just learnt riding bicycle and thats the only thing that drives him throughout the day. thats all he waits to do. I am riding my bicycle 24*7. :) (time being)