Friday, January 2, 2009

ye manzilen, ye raste...

a few soulful chats. a few good songs. a few crushes. some good movies. a few pats in the office.
a few moments of loneliness. a few tears in the rains. a few sleepless nights. some broken dreams.
some strange faces become familiar. some faces become memories.. some remember, some try to forget. some forget. some forgotten.
a person from the past starts hurting. it isnt just a memory anymore.
love isnt just the present. love isnt just an emotion.
dreams drive for a few days. the meloncholy lasts forever. a few close friends do stay close though.
a hope might seem so hollow. a mirage. keeps you alive. kept me alive.
am alive and will be. till I die..

sapnon se bhare naina..