Tuesday, July 17, 2007

the necessary evil..!

it must be the worst feeling to occur to anyone when one realises that he is sapped of emotions, of madness, of passion, of life, of words..
He was going through the same trauma..
he had established is life on his zest for life, the passion, the purity..
and suddenly one fine day he wakes up from a bad dream, and finds himself in a state far far away from where he had been for years, he had ever imagined himself to be..
It was like a long slumber, of hallucinating days after he had decided to shy away from pain, from the things that defined his identity, just because they had no material, no worldly equivalent..
He had been going on a decided path, on a path which he claimed brought things under control, made him disciplined, made him extract more from his life..
he had been claiming to be in more control of his emotions until this day..
there was an immense pain and he had lost his ability to cry..
there were miseries and he had forgotten to seek solace in people, in music..
he had corrupted almost everythin that he had..

and then it rained and he decided it was the time to reclaim life..!
he ran away from the world, getting drenched in rain.. whole body, his soul...
he shouted out, cried, as if no one existed in the world...
he lied down on the ground and sobbed for another hour..
he remembered all the people he had loved and who loved him..
he remembered all that he had had..
he was alive again till he decides again to shy away from the painful thing called love..



ateet said...

Another beautiful post. Natural and flowing ! Could be the beginning to a good novella

Madhu said...